How to design a graphic design internship for your kids

Google is offering graphic designers a way to get a leg up in the hiring process if they want to do their internship. 

“Internships are for students, but the internships we’re offering can be used for students in general,” said Arvind Bhatia, vice president and general manager of Google India, in a blog post. 

The internship can be in graphic design, business development, website development, marketing or web design.

It will be based on your students needs and skills.

If you’re looking to get your graphic design skills and your design skills, read on.

Bhatia also wrote that the interns can work on any of the Google products. 

They can do things like design websites, mobile apps, social media, apps and more. 

Google is also offering these internship opportunities in English and Hindi, and in other languages. 

There are currently four positions available in India: design intern, website design intern and mobile app intern. 

Bhatias said the positions offer the opportunity for the intern to learn new skills and experience in a variety of languages.