How to wear your graphic design sweatshirt with a hat and a tie

The graphic designer who created the hoodie that helped inspire this year’s New York Fashion Week may not be a household name, but the idea of making your own graphic design-inspired clothing is a powerful one.

The hoodie is the brainchild of graphic designer Jessica McNeil, who, in her own words, “made a hoodie in a single weekend, just to give myself a little bit of inspiration”.

You can get the hoody from McNeil’s online store, which sells sweatshorts from all over the world, and it’s available to buy online for $49.99.

The hoodie has a hooded top, which has a slit at the front to allow you to pull it over your head for the perfect view.

It also has a zipper at the bottom of the front, allowing you to keep the hood closed when you’re not wearing it.

In a nod to the fashionista-inspired trend of the last decade, the hooded hoodie features a graphic design printed across its side that looks like an upside-down arrow.

The lettering, meanwhile, looks like a sideways letter “G” and it also has the name of the hoodies creator printed on it.

There’s also a “coupe” version of the jacket, which features a hoody at the neck and a hood at the back.

This one also has some graphic design on it, but you won’t find the name printed on the side.

McNeil’s sweatshirt is available to purchase from her website.