FourFour Two: the future of the UK’s graphic design industry

The UK is being left behind by a series of other countries in the race to become the world’s leading graphic designer, according to an industry group.

The Graphic Designers Guild of Great Britain (GDCGGB) said in a report released today that it expects to see a 10% decline in the UK industry by 2031.

“The UK has always been one of the most attractive places to work in the world and the UK will continue to be so for decades to come,” said GDCG GB President Paul Jones.

There is also concern that the UK could be hit by another major migration wave in the next decade, the report said.

GDCGs annual meeting in Liverpool is on February 26 and there are already signs that a new generation of graphic designers is emerging.

More than 20 new graphic designers are joining the ranks every year.

They have been introduced by a range of companies including GDCGB and Creative Digital, who are now looking to recruit them into their own companies.

Other areas of the industry, including digital media, graphic design and social media, have also seen growth in recent years.

In a blog post, Creative Digital said it was recruiting around 70 graphic designers in the past 12 months.

This year alone, the group is recruiting for an increase in its global network of more than 40 companies.