A look at 10 of the best graphic design portfolios from 2013

The first year of this website was an interesting one, as we had to deal with the sudden death of our graphic design editor, Chris.

We’re a small team with a passion for creating beautiful designs.

It was great to see the passion for graphic design that Chris showed through all the hard work and dedication he put in to make it happen.

Here’s a look at the best of our work in 2013.1.

The Little Girl from the World The first graphic design portfolio from the site that we created in 2013, was an animated cartoon of a little girl named “The Little Girl”.

It has been a huge hit, and continues to be a fan favourite.2.

I Am a Zombie We wanted to show off the beautiful animation on the cover of this graphic design, and we did.

You can find the full version here.3.

I Hate You But I Love You I am a Zombie was our second graphic design.

It’s a cute animated story of a zombie named “I Hate You, But I love You”.

It was a great way to introduce our design team to a new audience.4.

The New Guy from the Universe It was our third graphic design and our first time with a new artist, as well as a brand new concept for the site.

The art team did a fantastic job with the new artwork, and the site is very happy with the results.5.

A Beautiful World I Love you, but I Love Now is our fourth graphic design from 2013.

It is a beautiful story of two brothers named “A Beautiful World”.

We are proud of the work they put in and are so thankful to them for their time and talent.

We look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future!6.

The Boy From The World This graphic design was inspired by the two brothers and the world they live in, but it’s the story of the boy named “the Boy”.7.

The Girl from The World The second graphic was inspired to be about a girl named I Love She Who Loves You, but we had a bit more time on our hands than we anticipated, so we decided to add a bit of a different story.

It would be an even better illustration if we had some of our other artists working on it, but the final result is definitely the most unique and beautiful illustration we’ve ever done.8.

The Guy from The Universe This graphic was also inspired by a story from a book, but this time we were more of a team.

It features a boy named I Hate Him, but he is not a boy.

This graphic is still a fan favorite, and our designers are thrilled to have worked on it with him.9.

The Zombie from the Galaxy This graphic came out of a concept for a graphic design team of three guys and a girl.

It featured a boy who is obsessed with a girl who lives in a galaxy far, far away.10.

I Love Me but I Don’t Know Me We had a great time working on this graphic, as the final design was a little on the bold side.

But we made a conscious decision not to use words or other typefaces that might offend some readers.11.

The World of The Boy from the Girl This graphic had an entirely different story, featuring the boy and his friends.

The girl is a little older than the boy, and she is obsessed by a girl she does not know.12.

The First Story From the World This was our first graphic from 2013 and it’s definitely one of our favourites from the project.

It started off with a cute animation of a boy in a room, but as we progressed, the story developed.

The boy is a great illustrator and this story was a huge help in making sure it would be a memorable piece.13.

The Last Story From The Girl This was a much different story and was inspired more by a book.

The story was about a boy and a boy’s friends who are obsessed with their imaginary friend.14.

A Different World This one took us way, way too long to write.

We were a little disappointed, but at least it was a different project for us.

It took us almost six months to finish it, and it was worth every single minute of our time.15.

I Know There Is A Boy There was an even longer story, but that was because we had so much time on the site!

It was so hard to finish this one, but our designers were incredibly proud of what we created.16.

The Great Girl This one was our favourite graphic design of the year.

We spent months creating this, and all we can say is: a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR CREATORS.

We truly appreciated their hard work on this project.17.

The Best of the Best Of the Best!

This was the final graphic design we did in 2013 and was the biggest one yet.

We did it all in our spare time, and that’s why we were able to create such a great design.