Graphic design pay gap widens, but salary is still up

A graphic design firm that specializes in online graphic design is asking for more money to keep paying its full-time employees.

According to the letter obtained by The Washington Post, which was obtained by the firm via a public records request, The Glamorous Group of Graphic Designers has been offering salary increases since April to its full time employees.

The firm has a staff of six and is the largest online graphic designer, with more than a million clients.

The company, which specializes in design and design consulting, employs about 60 people, according to its website.

But it has been asking for an increase in the number of full-timers.

Its current pay scale is $60,000 a year, with bonuses.

The increase is based on the number that the firm sees each week, and is based solely on the percentage of its clients that have a certain level of digital content.

According the letter, The Group was working to increase its pay structure, but “has been unable to do so.”

The letter also notes that The Gromps has been working to hire more full- time employees to support its growth, but has not been able to do that.

The letter says the firm is asking that The Washington D.C. District of Columbia Human Rights Commission determine that it is discriminatory because the firm does not pay employees a living wage and has an unfair labor practice in that it has no minimum wage.

The firm’s attorney, Brian C. Stoddard, told The Washington Sun that TheGlamorous is not asking for a raise in pay, but rather a minimum wage increase.

Stoddard added that The Group will not be pursuing an arbitration or a class-action lawsuit against the firm.