More than 100 protesters killed in Cairo as anti-government protests spread

The protests in Egypt are spreading rapidly, with more than 100 people killed in the country since the protests began, according to the country’s health ministry.

Protests in Egypt, which has a large Muslim minority, have escalated sharply in recent months amid a corruption scandal.

They have also been sparked by a series of killings of anti-regime activists and protesters, and a spate of police shootings of protesters in the past week.

The ministry said Saturday that one person was killed and 13 were wounded in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday evening when riot police used tear gas to disperse protesters who were trying to set fire to a police vehicle.

The protesters set fire on a police car and threw rocks and other objects at the police, it said.

The Egyptian Health Ministry said Sunday that seven people had been wounded and two were hospitalized.

It gave no further details.

Earlier Saturday, a protester was killed when police fired on a car driven by a group of pro-government activists near the presidential palace.

The group, known as the “No to Terrorism” group, set fire and threw stones at a vehicle carrying a group including President Mohamed Morsi, who is in power.

The protest in the square was peaceful, but there were reports of gunfire and tear gas being used by police.