Saints’ Drew Brees tweets ‘great job’ to team’s new head coach

NEW YORK — Drew Brees has become the first NFL player to tweet congratulations to the new head football coach of the New Orleans Saints, who took over from Sean Payton on Wednesday.

Brees tweeted his congratulations Wednesday afternoon and noted the team’s win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17.

“We are blessed to have a wonderful team.

I love them and we are so grateful for all the work they do,” Brees wrote.

“Great job, Coach!

#TeamLad,” Brees tweeted.

Brees added: “You are doing a fantastic job.”

The Saints lost a 23-20 game to the Bucs in Week 16, but Brees said the team “still got the job done.”

“I know the fans love me and I love the players, so I’m very proud of all the hard work we’ve put in and we’re just thrilled to have our first head coach,” Brees said Wednesday.

“He has done an outstanding job.

We’re just excited to see him come in and take over and hopefully make this a better organization.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion has coached the Saints for 16 seasons.

The Saints have not won a playoff game since 2003.

The team has hired former NFL head coach Bill Belichick as its new head coaching staff, replacing Tom Coughlin, who was fired in January.

Coughlyn was named coach of Cleveland’s Browns after winning the NFL’s longest winning streak at 13 games in 2017.

“I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work with Bill Belichick,” Brees added.

“A lot of people have done a great job, and I’m just really proud to be a part of it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.