Harvard graduates earn $1.7 million as online design firms soar

Graphic design firms are soaring in popularity with grads at the Ivy League school, but one firm is hoping to capitalize on their popularity to raise more money for charity.

In an effort to get students who graduated from Harvard College to start their own businesses, Adobe hired a graphic designer who was originally from Kenya to help launch a new graphic design firm called Ink Design.

The school’s graduate students launched Ink Design in 2013 to help promote the school’s new digital design programs, and then later added more digital design and branding opportunities to the mix.

Ink Design, founded in October, is one of the most popular online graphic design firms at Harvard.

It is a part of Adobe’s digital marketing arm, and has more than 4,500 students working in a variety of creative roles, according to Adobe.

The Ink Design logo, a symbol of the company, is seen on the side of a product at a company in Beijing in 2014.

A graphic designer from Kenya designed the Ink Design website.

The company is currently offering a variety the products they sell and the products are on display in the company’s campus.

Some of the products include coffee cups and calendars, and others include shirts, apparel and other products, according the company.

The logo also features a “T” and a stylized “A,” which the school said is an acronym for “Accelerated Achieving,” and is meant to “speak to the fact that we are all here working together to create and promote the best product in the world.”

The logo was created by the graphic designer and is available to download in Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

It features a cartoonish image of the Ink team, and the school has also created a new logo and icon for the company with the same logo and the same text.

According to the company website, Ink Design is a digital design company that works to provide educational resources for digital designers to grow their business.

The company also provides educational resources to entrepreneurs.

The business is open to students from all backgrounds, and includes graphic designers, digital designers, designers from media, artists and designers in design and web design.

Ink Design was founded by an African-American and a Japanese-American who have both been working at Adobe since they were 18.