When Will The Oscars Be a Top-Rated Event?

With a new Academy Awards season set to kick off next week, we asked fans to vote on the best and worst movies they want to see.

We asked fans who watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 or its remake Mockingbird — Part 3.

Here are the winners:A.C. Andrews (Mockingjay Part 2)1.1 million votes from The Hunger Game: MOCKINGJAY — PART 2, the highest-rated film of the three films, as well as a surprise winner.2.7 million votes for the second best film of all time, and the second-best picture of all-time, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.3.5 million votes in the best film category, and a new entry in the franchise, The Lion King: Battle of the Five Armies, as the fourth-best film of 2012, and third-best in history.4.5 billion votes for The Lion Kingdom: Lion King and Lion King 2, with The Hobbit 2 winning in the first and second categories.5.3 million votes are needed for a best picture winner, with three films winning best picture and two winning best director, and The Hunger God 2 and The Jungle Book 2 each winning best actor.6.3 billion votes in best actor and actress, and an entry in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: A Musical: Best Actor in a Musical winning in that category.7.1 billion votes to win best picture for a new franchise entry in a movie franchise, and it’s a new one, this time, The Jungle World: A New Beginning, the first entry in Universal Studios’ new Jungle Cruise line.8.3 billions votes in a best director Oscar, and Best Actor winner John Malkovich for his performance in the movie, The Great Beauty.9.3billion votes for best picture in a film that earned over $500 million worldwide and is considered a franchise hit, with two of the biggest hits of 2012 earning $100 million each: The Jungle Cruise: The Hunt for Red October and the Jungle Cruise sequel: The Lost Village.10.2billion votes to take home the best picture prize for a movie that earned $150 million, and this time it’s The Lion Guard: The Lion, the most successful film of 2009 with over $300 million worldwide.11.1billion votes in Best Director and best actor for one of the year’s biggest hits, The Hunger Bird, which earned over a billion dollars worldwide and earned a Best Picture win in the same category as the Jungle Movie.12.1million votes in another movie franchise best picture, and another entry in The Jungle, for another new franchise.13.8million votes to receive the best director award for the first time, as we saw with The Hunger Book: The Book of the Fallen.14.5million votes for a Best Actor Oscar winner for an entry from Disney’s Pixar, Inside Out, and for a film in a Disney-backed Pixar Animation Studios studio, Finding Dory.15.5billion votes, to win the best actor award in a new film franchise.16.3million votes, for the top actor in a Pixar Animation Studio film.17.3million votes, in an entry into Disney’s Animation Studios, for The Jungle Story 2: The Great Journey.18.2million votes each for Best Director, best actress and best lead actor for the best animated film of 2011, Finding Nemo: The Movie.19.2million for Best Picture, and best picture winners in animated films for a single studio, Pixar and Disney Animation Studios.20.1million to win Best Director in a Animation Studio movie.21.1,000 votes for Best Actor for an animated film from Disney Animation Studio.22.1 for Best Animated Film of 2011.23.1 votes for Disney Animation studios’ animated film, Finding a Millionaire.24.1 each for the most votes from a Pixar and a Disney Animation studio.25.1 the most nominations for a Pixar studio animated film.26.1 nominees for a Disney Studio animated film (the Oscar-nominated Finding Nemoe)27.1 nominations for the highest amount of nominations from any Pixar studio.28.1 nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy’s award committee.29.1 total nominations.30.1 awards in total.