‘Huge’ new project to design a new mountain in the hills

A project to redesign and build a new feature on the hillside of the city’s Mountjoy Estate is a huge leap in the history of Dublin, with the plans being touted as one of the most ambitious in the country.

The project will take up a large portion of the hill and will involve the construction of a new tower that will rise over a hillside and provide a pathway for pedestrians and cyclists to get around.

The tower is estimated to cost €25 million, which includes a cost of €15 million to construct the new structure.

The design is being developed by architecture firm Oluwafemi, who will be in charge of the design, the site and construction.

The firm is currently working on a large-scale residential tower in Dublin’s southside area.

It is the first in a series of planned residential towers in the city.

In recent years, the area has seen an increase in house-building activity, with a large number of new homes built in the area.

The new tower is said to have a total floor area of around 1,500sq metres, which is much more than the height of the existing building and is likely to create a large area of new open space.

The work will take place over three phases, with each phase being completed in stages.

The first phase is said on the project website to include “an extensive new building that will be the largest in the region, and a new plaza to welcome the arrival of the new residents”.

The new plaza is expected to be completed by 2021, and will house a new cafe, hotel and a restaurant.

The second phase is expected in 2022, with construction starting “in the coming weeks”.A new café, cafe and restaurant is to be located on the first floor of the building, with two other buildings in the building’s rear and a third building to be built on the ground floor.

Construction on the third phase of the project will start “in earnest” in 2020.

This is the third project to be planned for Mountjoy, which has a population of just under 400 people.

The estate’s current owners were the D’Arcy brothers, who bought the estate in the mid-1980s and built a number of apartments there, before selling the property to developer Oluwe Miolla in 2013.