‘I never saw my dad again’: ‘My dad has been gone for 20 years’

“My dad used to be the one I was always with.

He was a very strong, strong guy,” she said.

“My whole life, he was the person I felt most connected to.

He always had something going on in my life.”

She recalled one day, as a teenager, he told her that she was going to be a doctor.

“It was just the most incredible, amazing feeling, that I never saw him again.

It was just such a shock,” she recalled.

“I never knew he was out of work, never had a job, never left the house.

He had just moved away.

It wasn’t like he was on a mission.

He just left.”

‘I just didn’t know how to explain it’ When she moved to Texas, “it was kind of like a ghost town,” she remembered.

“We’d never have any visitors.

I just didn, like, not even know how I was supposed to explain to people what had happened.”

She didn’t go to work with her father, and she says he never had any contact with her parents.

“I didn’t even know what to say to them,” she explained.

She said that after she left the hospital and moved to a small town, her father was nowhere to be found.

On her return to her family’s home in Austin, Texas, she said she “didn’t know what was going on.

I was devastated, and I just couldn’t process it.”

“We had no idea what had been going on.”

The mother told CNN that after a while, she tried to find her father and asked for him to be seen.

Her son was nowhere in sight, she claimed.

The family’s grief is “totally out of proportion,” she claimed, adding that she has no idea where she will go in the future.

But she said that in the weeks following the shooting, she felt a sense of loss and sadness that “was completely out of line.”

For her, her son is not dead.

“If you think about it, my dad is my best friend,” she told CNN.

“He was always the one who was there to take care of me.

After leaving the hospital, she began looking for her dad. “

For my son to be gone, it was just, I just don’t know.”

After leaving the hospital, she began looking for her dad.

She did not find him.

CNN spoke with several relatives of those killed and survivors.

One of them, a man who lives in Austin and declined to give his name, told CNN he knows someone who has seen her father but was not able to reach him.

He said he has “no clue” what happened to his father.

Another man who said he is also in the same boat said he believes she is “not alone.”

He said she has been calling him every day for the past four years.

A woman who identified herself as her mother, who was also in Texas, said she knows someone “who saw her dad” and “is trying to find him.”

She said she was able to contact him on Facebook but “doesn’t have his number.”

Another woman who lives near the shooting site said she did not know where her mother is.

She said that while she has known her family for several years, “I don’t think it was until last week that I found out where she was.”

One family member told CNN, “My mom has no clue.

I don’t even think I know her.”

At this point, there are no official suspects.

The family has been asked to keep a low profile, she added.

It was “really hard for us to process” her son’s death, she told the news outlet.

In a statement, the family said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families.”

CNN’s Shauna Fadiman and John Bonifield contributed to this report.