When you’re an Android user, the way you think about graphics is more important than you might think

The Verge’s editorial staff loves a good story and the best news can be found online.

But sometimes, we find that our news comes from people we care about, so we decided to ask our readers about the most important graphics and graphics design stories of 2016.

And if we were to list them all, they’d be on top of our list for best graphics of all time.1.

Gifs from the Pixel-O-Matic Pixel-o-matic was one of the first apps we used on a Pixel phone.

It was one that made our Pixel XL more fun to use.

But it also became the first app to show us that a smartphone’s screen is actually much smaller than what we imagined.


Pixel Plus Pixel Plus is an app that lets you easily resize and share images and videos from the front of your phone to the sides.

It’s great for when you’re trying to take a picture of someone you don’t know and are worried they’ll get annoyed by your reaction.

But for us, the best part of Pixel Plus was that we could share it with anyone, including our friends.2.

A new video app from Vevo Video.

VevO Video lets you stream your favorite music from your Spotify playlist to your phone or tablet.

It works great for sharing videos from your favorite musicians and shows you when they’re playing.

But its a little annoying that you can’t add any ads, which is a big plus for those of us who are already addicted to Spotify.3.

The best graphics for Android’s Android Oreo update.

Oreo is a significant upgrade to Android’s operating system and it’s a big step forward in graphics.

But the biggest change is that Google has made a few tweaks to the app to make it more useful and user-friendly.

The app is available now on the Google Play Store and Google Play Games and the app has even been updated with the new Pixel and Pixel XL.4.

The new Pixel phones have great camera and video quality.

Pixel cameras have been optimized to take amazing photos and videos.

But they also have a lot of other features, like a super-fast shutter speed that lets the camera take even better pictures.5.

The Pixel and Android Oreos have awesome battery life.

The Nexus 6P has an extra 25% more battery life than the Pixel XL, and it also has an impressive battery life of just over a week on a single charge.

But Google also added some other improvements to the Pixel phones that make them feel a little more like their Nexus predecessors.6.

The Android OreOs are great in the dark.

Google says that Android Oreoes can make your phone feel like it’s not there.

It might be true in dark situations, but in the real world it works better with bright ambient lighting.7.

A cool app that helps you find the best Android games.

We love that you’re able to search for games on Google Play.

It helps you pick the best games to play, but there are a few games you may want to avoid if you’re a gamer.8.

Google Photos makes it easy to save your photos.

Photos is Google’s photo-editing tool, which lets you take pictures of your photos, annotate them, and share them.

And thanks to its new Photos app, you can also save your most important photos and share those with friends.9.

A great app for watching movies on the big screen.

Google Play Movies is an awesome app that can help you watch movies on big screens.

It allows you to create a movie and share it on Google+, play it on your TV, or stream it on Chromecast or Apple TV.10.

Google’s YouTube Music is now available for free.

Google is now offering users a free month of YouTube Music on Android phones.

The service will be available until March 10th.11.

A killer app for sharing your favorite videos.

It makes it easier to share your favorite photos with people, and you can even share your most-recently shared photos with others.12.

Google Home is an excellent speaker and speaker-less speaker.

Google has finally built the best speaker for Android phones, and now it’s ready to be used with Google Home.

Google will make it even better with the release of a Google Home Edition speaker later this year.13.

A video app that will make your Android device even more convenient.

Pixel phones come with two major ports: a USB Type-C port and an HDMI port.

We recommend the USB Type C port for quick charging and charging your phone.

The HDMI port is great for connecting an HDMI-enabled TV to your TV.

It also allows you take a peek at the web with your phone, so you don’ have to reach for your laptop or PC.14.

Google Search can now search all your YouTube channels.

Google announced the new