How to make your iPhone look like an iPod Touch

Apple has long tried to create a look and feel that appeals to the modern smartphone user.

But it’s not the only company attempting to appeal to an older demographic.

Here are 10 things you need to know about vintage iPod Touch design.1.

It’s a touch screen device, but not the best in the world.

It lacks a home button, and it can’t display any audio.

And the buttons are small, so you’re not likely to press them with a long-term habit of pressing them at all.2.

The design is not the iPod Touch’s forte.

The iPhone has been the iPod touch’s biggest success.

And it has a different feel to it than the iPod.

The iPod Touch is actually a touch device with two sides that are flat, unlike the iPad and iPad mini.

It has a rounded, square shape, and the sides are curved, making the iPhone’s touch screen look like it’s glued to your finger.3.

It comes in a variety of colors.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a color screen for the iPhone, although it hasn’t released any information on that.

(Apple does not disclose how many colors are in its lineup.)

The iPhone is often called the “golden age” of the iPod, but that’s misleading.

Its first generation was an inferior product that was a lot less powerful than the iPhone 5.

It had a touchscreen, and didn’t have the touch sensor.4.

The iPod Touch was discontinued in the summer of 2011.

The first iPod Touch models were available in spring of 2013.

But Apple did a whole lot more to make the iPod look dated by the end of the year.5.

The Apple logo is in the corner.

The new Apple logo was first unveiled in the fall of 2012, and has since been the standard logo for Apple products.6.

The old iPod Touch logo is still on the back.

The company changed the logo for the iPod in 2015.

But even though the new logo is slightly more detailed, the old logo is the way it is.7.

The current iPod Touch icon is not a stylus.

It actually resembles a pen with a “X” through it.

The name “iPod Touch” is also missing.8.

The icon has a stylian.

The stylus in the iPod is an optical trackball.

But unlike the optical trackballs on the iPod 4, the stylus on the new iPod Touch can be used to track objects with a touchscreen.

The Touch ID sensor has been redesigned to allow it to detect when a touch is detected on an object, rather than just when a stylist touches it.9.

The icons on the top of the screen are all different sizes.

The top bar of icons on each iPhone model is a 3.5-inch square, whereas the icons on all the iPods are 3.7-inch squares.

The three icons are in different places on the screen, and sometimes they overlap.10.

There’s a big, dark, square icon next to each icon on the home screen.

This icon is a big red square with three lines around it, and a line that says “Apple.”

This is a graphic by the design team at iMac.

The logo is located in the center of the top row of icons.

iMac is the computer Apple has been selling since it was first introduced in 2001.