The biggest graphics redesign ever?

We asked experts to rank the top graphics redesigns of all time and here’s what they said.1.

2014 The Sims 4: New Beginnings by EA SportsPublisher: EA Sports2.

2015 FIFA 14 by EA SPORTSPublisher: Electronic Arts3.

2015 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt RedPublisher: CD ProjeKt Red4.

2017 The Sims 5: Winter Wonderland by EASportsPublisher: Take-Two InteractivePublisher: 2K Games5.

2018 The Sims 3: Complete Edition by Take- Two InteractivePublisher.


2019 The Sims 2: Complete Collection by Take 2 InteractivePublisher 7.

2020 The Sims: Pets by Take Two Interactive Publisher 8.

2021 The Sims® 3 Pets Edition by Disney InteractivePublisher 9.

2022 The Sims™ 2 Pets Edition – Deluxe Edition by 3D RealmsPublisher 10.

2022 Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park by Disney and PixarPublisher 11.

2022 Pixar’s Pixar’s Toy Story 2: A Movie by PixarPublisher 12.

2023 Disney’s Toy Factory 2: Inside Out by Pixar and Pixar Publisher 13.

2024 The Sims™: 2nd City by EA and 3D DigitalPublisher 14.

2025 The Sims and its 3rd generation: The Ultimate Guide by EAPublisher 15.

2027 The Sims by Electronic ArtsPublisher 16.

2028 The Sims Classic Edition by EA Publisher 17.

2029 Disney’s Cars 3 and Pixar’s Finding Nemo by Pixar & PixarPublisher 18.

2031 The Sims Theme Park: Journey to the West by Take2 InteractivePublisher 19.

2032 Disney Pixar’s Inside Out at Disney and SonyPublisher 20.

2033 The Sims New York City by Take two InteractivePublisher 21.

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