Google News ‘totally ignored’ story about ‘sex trafficking’ graphic design platform

Google News’ story on a graphic design firm that had been shut down by the Federal Government, for being run “sex trafficking-like” and “in a culture of impunity” is totally ignored by the search engine giant.

The story is published on June 15, and it appears in the latest issue of Google News Australia, which is published online on June 16.

However, the story does not appear in the next issue, and Google News does not mention it at all.

On Google News, Google News Editor-in-Chief David Blitzer wrote that he had been contacted by the organisation, and he was not “aware of any evidence of a case being pursued at this time.”

“However, we did contact the company,” he said.

“We’re not aware of any formal charges being laid.

The firm is currently in the process of assessing their options.”

But Google News has not mentioned the graphic design company by name.

Instead, it says that the story “was published on our news feed and was widely shared across Google News and across the social network platforms.”

And while it is not listed on Google News as a story, the graphic designer who created the graphic, Lulu, did not respond to requests for comment.

Google News Editor David Blittts response to graphic designer Lulu.

Google News editor David Blitz wrote that they contacted Lulu on June 7 and asked them to comment.

But he said they did not reply.

“We’ve spoken to them twice now, we’ve not heard back, we’re not in touch with them,” he told ABC News Australia.

Lulu did not provide an email address for the firm.

And Google News is not the only media outlet that has failed to include graphic design firms that have been shuttered by the Government.

In April, it emerged that the Australian Communications and Media Authority had launched a criminal investigation into a company called Lulu Graphic Design, which was described as being “a major provider of graphic design services to media outlets.”

In a blog post, Librarian-in‑Chief Michael O’Sullivan said that the agency had “identified a number of graphic designers who have been terminated for providing graphic design solutions to Australian media outlets that may not have followed Australian standards for editorial standards, or the guidelines of our media code of conduct.”

“The agency has also identified an investigation into the business’s operations which is continuing, including its compliance with the ABC and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission standards for business conduct,” he wrote.

ABC News contacted Librarian O’Sullivans office to request a response to this article, but he did not return our call.

Another case of graphic designer shut down Google News story in June This week, a Google News article featured a graphic designer named Lulu who had been “pushed out of the industry” by the Australian Government, according to the article.

But, it was not until August that the graphic creator was told that the company was not to be mentioned again in the Google News stories.

When the article was published in the June 16 edition of GoogleNews, it appears to be a story about graphic design being shut down.

It says that Lulu “worked in the digital content industry in Australia for more than 15 years” and that “over the last few years, she has seen a number issues arising in the industry and the need to regulate digital content”.

But the story also mentions that Lula was “sustainedly attacked for her work in graphic design and digital media” in 2014 by “a group of internet trolls”.

“These trolls attacked her for the work she had done in the field of graphic art,” the story continues.

“The trolls also used her identity to smear and harass her for her sexuality.”

The graphic designer was also the subject of a lawsuit by “people who claim that she was the target of an online hate campaign that resulted in her being forced to flee her home country of Australia, and that her home was raided by the police in order to prevent her being able to continue to provide graphic design for the media in Australia,” the article continues.

As the story states, Lula told the ABC in June that “it was not my intention to hurt anyone”.

She said she had worked “for a long time in the graphic art and digital art industries and was proud of what I do”.

As a graphic artist, Lulu has created graphic designs for companies including ABC News, ABC, The ABC and others.

Her website describes herself as a graphic writer, graphic designer, and artist.

She also works as a freelancer for an Australian travel agency, The Traveller, and was recently nominated for the 2016 Best Female Graphic Designer award at the Australian Travel Awards.

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