Graphic Design Pay is Low in Graphic Design Art School

Graphic Design pay in graphic design school is currently about $20 an hour.

In this infographic, we show you how much graphic design can earn in a year.1.

Graphic Design salaries are low compared to other professions1.7 percent of graphic designers earn less than $15,000.7.4 percent earn less $15-20,000 a year, and 3.2 percent earn more than $20,0000 a year4.

Graphic design careers in graphic arts, science, architecture, design, architecture and architecture design are among the most competitive in the U.S.5.

Graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree have a median annual salary of $35,0006.

Graphic designer salaries vary widely from state to state.

For example, in Florida, graphic designers with bachelor’s degrees earn $37,000, and those with master’s degrees are $39,000 in California7.

Graphic designing is also highly skilled in a wide range of technical disciplines.

Graphic artists can design websites, logos, posters, interactive graphics, and video games.

Graphic illustrators can create graphics, logos and banners, and designers can create illustrations for print publications.8.

Graphic arts graduates are the best at graphic design jobs9.5 percent of Graphic Design Arts graduate students have a job in their field10.5 million graphic design students have degrees, which is nearly one in four of all graphic designers.